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21 Petals

farm fresh flowers

Lafayette, Indiana family operated cut flower farm offering fresh bouquets, CSA's, u-pick, and more!

mystery dahlia tuber 2021

We have sold out for season 2020.  Please contact us if you want to be on a waitlist for this popular item for 2021.  $5.00 each, local pick up or shipping available.

seed packets 2021

If you would like to grow some of your own blooms, consider trying it out with seeds from our farm!  Specific varieties will be available in small packets which is more than enough for a home garden.  More info coming for season 2021.

cut flower starts 2021

Let us select the best cut flower varieties and do the hard work of germinating and nurturing them throughout the winter.  You pick up once they are ready for planting time and transplant into your own space!  Orders will begin after season 2020 ends.

cut flower plugs for flower farmers

Are you searching for a local source to start your seeds?  We are enthusiastic about offering this service to you!  Contact us for more information and to reserve your items for season 2021.

potted dahlia plant 2020

Do you love the magical dahlias growing on our farm?  Take one home that we have started growing and enjoy it in your space!  

potted sunflowers 2020

We are growing dwarf varieties of sunflowers that are quite adorable in pots for you to take home and enjoy.