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21 Petals... family grown farm-fresh cut flowers

Lafayette, Indiana


U-pick information: open: July 3rd: 5-8pm

Saturday July 4th: 7am-1pm and 6-9pm

Sunday 9am-1pm

Visit us for a unique u-pick experience! During our blooming season, we are open for u-Pick mainly during weekend mornings and some late afternoons. Our opening weekend hours are listed above.  Once in a while we open at other times and these are shared via social media. If weather or other circumstances beyond our control cause us to close for any reason we will update on social media as well. When you visit us, You can easily find us on 700 South between 9th Street (100 East) and SR 231. Pull into our drive which is marked by a sign and park in the grass behind our home. Meet us near the navy barn to get your bucket filled with fresh cool water and borrow a set of our clippers. Explore all that we have in the field and fill your bucket! This season’s pricing is $32 plus tax to fill a bucket. Dahlias and lilies are priced by the stem for $3/each or $2/5. Feel free to email me for a group u-pick rate also.  Florists are also welcome to come and gather fresh local product. 

Flower farm u-pick tips:

1.Fill your bucket first with about 1/3 of filler stems, then add about 1/3 smaller blooms, and finish with a few larger focal flowers.

2. Cut stems long: finger tip to elbow is a good length. 

3. Strip the leaves from the stems before putting them in water. 

4. Bring water and sunscreen.

5. Take pictures and share them with us later if you desire! 

6. You will take your whole bucket of flowers home with you this season to reduce the possibility of sharing germs.  If you choose to bring your own set of flower clippers to use, that works.  If you want to use one of ours, please return them to the big tub in order for us to properly sanitize them for the next visitor to use.  We ask that you only use one set of clippers per bucket to allow enough for all to access.  All payments must be completed electronically or made in exact cash due to COVID-19 concerns.  More information will be posted on the farm to give you further instructions.  We will accept paypal, venmo, or you will have the option to leave us a name and email address in which we will send you an invoice via square.  Thank you for understanding!

Enjoy the experience of being outside on a flower farm filled with blooms that were all started by seed, tuber, bulb or tiny plants and nurtured with love by our family!