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21 Petals... family grown farm-fresh cut flowers

Lafayette, Indiana


Our Story

"Let's build a flower farm"-Stefani to John in 2017 

An Idea Is Born

Working together outside enjoying all of the beauty of nature and providing our children an opportunity to be contributing members of our family farm guided us towards the initial idea of 21 Petals flower farm.  It is named 21 Petals in honor of the 21st chromosome of which our son Foxx has 3 copies of resulting in Down syndrome.  We hope that our children and all of the wonderful people in our community find joy at our farm.

The farm name became official!

John had this gorgeous sign made for me and surprised me on Christmas morning of 2017.  We spent the rest of the winter planning and preparing for our 2018 flower season.  The adventure had really taken off at this point!  

21 Petals flower farm

A 21 Petals sign signals the entrance to our farm.  Plenty of parking is available in our field in designated areas. When you arrive to enjoy picking your own blooms, you will be welcomed with a bucket of fresh water, a pair of flower clippers, and a friendly smile at the navy barn.  You will be encouraged to take your time as you stroll through the rows of different flowers and savor the beauty of nature around you as you fill a bucket with your chosen blooms. Visitors may fill a bucket summer through fall for $30 + tax.  Select flowers are not included in this bucket sale and will be sold individually.  These will be marked in our field accordingly. 

We do our best to have some flowers pre-picked for guests who prefer this option. 

 We accept cash or card for payment.    

In planning for your visit, we recommend bringing cold water to drink, sunscreen, and a camera.  The pathways are mowed grass. We have a portable restroom during most of the season (the toilet flushes and has a working sink) for your convenience. If you do not intend to go straight home after your visit, we recommend bringing a bucket along so that you can transfer your flowers to your own bucket with water.  We offer supplies to wrap your flowers before leaving as well.  

Our family lives here on the farm and will welcome you during our open hours or by appointment if we are able. On days that we will need to close due to weather or unforeseen circumstances, we will post this information on our social media outlets as well as here on the home page.  

Stories about our farm: 

The local newspaper, Journal and Courier, came out to spend some time with us at our farm in early September.  They chatted with us, toured the farm, and took a few pictures.  On that following Saturday morning, we were surprised to see a very sweet story about our family and the farm on the front page of the newspaper.  If you would like to see the link, please click on the button below and enjoy our story.  

J and C story story about 21 Petals

Home of Purdue blog also shared a really nice story about our farm after Ashley visited with her adorable family.  Please click the link below to see her story and pictures in that special story!

home of Purdue story